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(But now I prefer paypal the most since I'm working for life ;w; )

Slots available
1. :iconaiohon12: 2 Fullbody+Background
2. :iconscoutshine: 2 Halfbody(knee-up):bulletred: work in progress

Waiting list is open! :3
1. :icongetsuei-san: 3 Slots
2. :iconari-woof: 3 Slots
3. :iconaiohon12: 1 Slots
4. :iconcaseykinz:

  • All price in list is in $ USD.
  • Paypal email is
  • 1$ will be charge to any difficult and detailed work.
  • AoRashi will only start her work after she received commissioner's payment. 
  • Commissioners will be updated with sketch through note.
  • Do NOT rush the artist. (Rome was not build in a day and neither will your art be drawn in a day. :iconmingcryplz: )
  • AoRashi still hold the copyright of her work, but the original character will be credited to the respective owner. All finished work will have AoRashi name in the work.
  • Commissioner may NOT use artist drawing for any commercial use.
  • Please DO NOT delete the artist name from her drawing, it is the same as removing the credit. 
  • No refund. AoRashi will ONLY refund commissioner's money if she think she cannot do commissioner's request.
  • Sending fee will not be count. (Paypal is evil ;_;)
  • If the commissioner no longer respond on the unpaid slot for 1 week, they will be put in the "pending" slot and will be replace with other commissioner.
  • The commissioner will be remove if there are no payment respond for 1 month.
  • AoRashi have the right to decline commissioner's request.
Artist accept:
Fan-art of anime/manga/game characters/ OC characters 

What the artist did not do:
  • Gore/ Yaoi /Yuri / Hentai / Fury / Animal / Nudity/ NSFW/ Mecha
Exception: Sexy characters still can be accepted.

  • The drawing will have the standard size of 3000 x 3000 300 dpi, it can be changed into landscape or portrait but it will have 3000 as the lowest number. 
  • Any additional character will be charge.
  • Prices given are based on efforts and time given to finish the work.
  • Send AoRashi a note if you have trouble on understanding the rules and the prices given. (I'll answer ya~ ;D)


Caseykinz by AoRashi21 Kaho Nishimura by AoRashi21
Chibi 8$/ 800 :points: per chara

Ruolan by AoRashi21
Head shot 10$/1000 :points: Per Chara

Tai by AoRashi21 
Halfbody(Waist up) 13$/1300 :points: Per character
Background: 8$/800 :points:

Halfbody(Knee up) 16$/1600 :points: Per Chara
Background: 10$/1000 :points:

Fullbody 18$/1800 :points: 
Per Chara
Background: 12$/1200 :points:

Desktop Buddy Shimeji

55$ / 5500 :points: 

What is a Shimeji?

A little program which has the appearance of any character you wish. The character will be running about your screen and will interact with you.

How to request a commission:

Send a note in Deviantart or a private message through Facebook page with the tittle of "ART COMMISSION" and fill in the form:

If you're paying using Paypal, please include:
  •  Name (Paypal name)
  •  Paypal e-mail (your registered paypal email)
  •  Commission type(chibi/headshot etc)
  •  Background/No background
  •  Picture reference ( Do give full reference please
  •  Additional info (poses, expression, etc)
1) DO NOT send the money before I replied to any message or having an agreement to commissioner. Paying money without notice will be considered as donation to me.

2) Also to Paypal commissioner, do not send payment as "Gift". It is stated that it violates the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy and it will fine the payment receiver for $2,500 USD per violation. Send payment for "Goods and Services" instead or i myself will request you a payment through Invoice. We will discuss who will do the work when you commish me. :) 

3) Since Poltergeist-El and I shared the same email for Art Commission, I would be grateful if you send payment with "For AoRashi21 Commission" as title. It would make my life easier to separate the commission money for both of us~:iconpapmingplz:

4) Commissioner may choose to send the payment or AoRashi will send you an invoice. :>


:iconpoltergeist-el: open for commission as well! Do check her out! :>


AoRashi21's Profile Picture
Adalgisa Belmont

:snowflake: Name : AoRashi
:snowflake: Loves : Everything related to art, nature of course

Welcome to my not so great profile! (*w*) I'm not usually active here in DA but, I'll try to be active~! I do lots of colouring style because I'm still in learning and practice stage. The drawing style that I wanted to master the most is semi-realistic, hopefully my skill improve from time to time.

Find Me Here

Paint Tool SAI by Fleana Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Kanvus :stamp: by KuroNekoNatsume Paypal: Commissions stamp by Cute-Stamps


If I may ask, what is YCH stand for?
5 slots commission available. ^^
*looks around* Anybody ups for a commission? o.o
Comic Fiesta is done, now I'm back to work. Commission, anyone? ;7;


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animentic7 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Loved the manga you made l!! Amazing job love your artwork tooo!!
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White-Rose-Brian Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hello. May I ask a stupid question? Do you offer art trades?
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MarBlackphoenix Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the watch back! your art  is awesome!!! I really enjoyed watching your gallery :D
Reiji-Mitsurugi Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would love to see your take on Shanoa! Keep up the awesome Castlevania fanart *-*
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